I'm a bit of a multifandom and random lifeblogging blog but my main interest right now is Supernatural.

I'm a cautiously optimistic Destiel shipper, where I believe the show is almost certainly heading towards implicit canon and has a high possibility for explicit canon, too. I've enjoyed S9, in as much as you can enjoy a dark season, and expect great things from season 10 as it wraps up the three season arc.

My other interests are far and wide but I've also recently gotten into Teen Wolf where, unlike most of fandom, I NOTP Sterek-so I'm not that involved online. But I do worship Lydia and I ship Stydia because Stiles loves her as much as I do!

I follow other shows and will probably do post-episode blogs for some of them and reblog stuff I like when I see it, but I don't scrounge too much for stuff. Other interests are described in my 'About me' links.

As for me-I'm 31 years old, live in Somerset in the South West of England and I work in the builder's merchants retail sector (no more details there because I keep my internet life and real life very separate). I'm also asexual and aromantic which means I survive on OTPs because I cannot produce the necessary emotions myself! (Joking aside, I'm an absolute shipper and I'm unashamed of that fact).

And that up there is my cat. Who is the most beautiful cat in the world. Lalalala what bias?


Fairy Tail 394


I feel for her so much in this chapter. It was difficult for her to do but my baby did it. And she is crying so much because she loves Grey with everything and can’t stand to hurt him…but she also has faith in him, so she did what had to be done.

Silver also remained the no1 Gruvia shipper and gifted Grey with awesome magic.

But Juvia (my darling) rightfully stole the show in this chapter.

Alex. You are being so unreasonable right now. It’s over. It’s done.

I’ve just come back from a local production of Avenue Q and they did such an amazing job!

I saw the show in London a few years back with my sis-in-law and we loved it so when she saw it advertised for a locally produced run in our town she snapped up some tickets for us and our family.

The performances were all fantastic and the audience were in stitches so it was very well received.  Great night out!

Emma Approved Episode 64

Okay, wow.

I love the book Emma, it’s my favourite Austin, and I really love the adaptations I’ve seen of it.

But whilst they’ve all been excellent and I’ve loved various interpretations and thought they all had different strengths and weaknesses, not one of them has made me feel the full emotional impact of Box Hill like this episode of Emma Approved just did.

Jane’s resignation, full of hurt, anger and betrayal (even if not all completely focused on Emma) was perfect.  Emma’s hurt and confused (yet slightly guilty) reaction to that was also perfect.

And then, holy shit, Alex.

I’ve never been so emotionally gutted by Mr Knightley’s disappointment.  The acting, script and direction were spot on.  I love the way the well known ‘badly done’ line flowed in the conversation.  A lot of other adaptations have really tried to made that line stand on it’s own but I think it worked much more naturally in this and worked better because of it.

And Emma…ow.  Her hurt (if slightly guilty) confusion at Jane leaving was nothing on the way she reacted to Alex calling her out.  And then her utter devastation when he left, possibly leaving their partnership too, was heartbreaking to watch.

As much as I disagree with Emma’s actions, you can’t help but feel for her.  It’s a testament to Austin’s original writing that Emma is a character that you can disagree with and yet still be emotionally invested in her happiness.  And it’s a testament to the adaptation that they’ve not only preserved that but also made it even more emotionally wrenching to see her in such pain.

Bleach 590

Literally the only thing I took away from this chapter is that ULQUIORRA COULD BE ALIVE!!!

That is the only thing I’ve been waiting for for years (along with mooooorrrrrreeee Rukia please) and I am so excited for the possibility!

Tw 4x05

I haven’t really got time to blog about Teen Wolf so just a few words.

Wow…so surprised about Parrish being on the list [/sarcasm]

Poor Meredith, is this how lost and removed from reality Lydia would be if she didn’t have support?  Or is Lydia just not as deep into her powers as Meredith?  Meredith obviously has more experience and possibly more knowledge on how things work but that doesn’t mean she is more powerful or using her power more.  I hope we learn more about banshee abilities (and not only because Lydia is my queen).

They aren’t going to try and play papa!Argent off as an antagonist again, are they?  I hope not.  I get that he would probably be justified in being pissed at all things supernatural right now but I don’t think I can spend another season getting stressed about the people we like doing bad things to other people we like (besides, we’re already worrying about Parrish in this regard).

Oh, they caught one of the teenage assassins. Well, that should be interesting.  Also, wow…Beacon Hills/County is infested with werewolves.  And Scott McCall is the badass urban legend that took down a pack of alphas!

Wait, didn’t the Lady Hunter and her peeps say that they would come after Scott if he gave someone else the bite?  She is going to be pissed about Liam!

I said to myself last week that I wasn’t going to buy myself Fairy Tail on Blu Ray because it’s almost my birthday and no one ever knows what to get me so I was just going to leave it in my basket for people to offer to buy it for me.

So today I brought out my amazon basket when I only intended to buy one item.


I finally got around to watching Emma Approved over the weekend (it was what prompted me to also finally open my LBD DVD Set…which is WRONG and is missing DISCS AND THEY HAVEN’T RESPONDED TO MY QUERY YET).

I really love Jane Austin’s Emma (more than Pride and Prejudice even) and I love how they’ve updated it!

Just like in the books you can really like Emma and root for her but at the same time not like some of the decisions she’s making and really recognise some unfortunate behaviours and want to call her out on them.  Mostly her manipulations and the way she controls Harriet and kind of takes advantage of her.

Of course, sometimes her manipulations work out and she always INTENDS for them to be for the greater good because she doesn’t have malicious intentions, but she also doesn’t always think beyond what SHE wants which is what causes a lot of the conflict in the story.

Alex remains pretty much the moral compass of the story, the person who tries to guide Emma down the right path without being too heavy handed. Of course, like in the book, he has his own moments of ill-judgement *cough*unfoundedjealousy*cough* but he’s pretty spot on to the character we know.

(I think the fact that Knightly supports Emma unrepentantly yet allows her to make her own mistakes and yet also isn’t afraid to call her out on her mistakes when they hurt other people is one of the reasons why I loved their relationship in the book.  For an age where men and women were unequal in society they managed to develop an equal relationship that defied both societies expectations and the expected inequality of their age difference)

Their relationship is also progressing wonderfully in this adaptation.  The subtle attraction and constant low level unconscious flirting is portrayed perfectly.

I have to say I’m not overly enamoured with Harriet (I like her but not as much as some of the others on the series).  But this isn’t actually anything against the character or her portrayal (her actress is perfect and really gets her naivety and enthusiasm and sweet charm).  I think it’s more because we haven’t really seen Harriet, and this isn’t really different from the books at this point.  Harriet starts the series as an unsure young woman who doesn’t really know who she is or what she wants.  And then Emma gets her claws into her and basically moulds her into a slightly ill-fitting shape that doesn’t completely represent who Harriet really is.  It isn’t really till the end of the book when Harriet breaks away from Emma and does what she wants for herself that we really see Harriet and I suspect that will be similar here.  We’ve seen glimpses of the real Harriet but they quickly get overtaken by either her lack of confidence or her struggle to meet expectations.  She is a really sweet girl, though, and very adorable at times.  I could do without the music videos, though, although I guess they are enjoyable to the right audience!

The rest of the supporting cast has been fabulous and I’ve loved the various updates to the story and scenarios.  Using Caroline Lee as Mrs. Elton was a stroke of genius and I tip my hat to the crew for that choice!  She was a perfect choice to bridge the gap between EA and LBD and it fits amazingly well!