I'm a bit of a multifandom and random lifeblogging blog but my main interest right now is Supernatural.

I'm a cautiously optimistic Destiel shipper, where I believe the show is almost certainly heading towards implicit canon and has a high possibility for explicit canon, too. I've enjoyed S9, in as much as you can enjoy a dark season, and expect great things from season 10 as it wraps up the three season arc.

My other interests are far and wide but I've also recently gotten into Teen Wolf where, unlike most of fandom, I NOTP Sterek-so I'm not that involved online. But I do worship Lydia and I ship Stydia because Stiles loves her as much as I do!

I follow other shows and will probably do post-episode blogs for some of them and reblog stuff I like when I see it, but I don't scrounge too much for stuff. Other interests are described in my 'About me' links.

As for me-I'm 31 years old, live in Somerset in the South West of England and I work in the builder's merchants retail sector (no more details there because I keep my internet life and real life very separate). I'm also asexual and aromantic which means I survive on OTPs because I cannot produce the necessary emotions myself! (Joking aside, I'm an absolute shipper and I'm unashamed of that fact).

And that up there is my cat. Who is the most beautiful cat in the world. Lalalala what bias?


I watched my first episode of The Great British Bake Off when I was away for that course last week (hotel tv choices) and now I’m going back to watch the whole series.

I don’t normally care for reality TV or elimination shows but this one was interesting and looked yummy!

OMG…I just did a refund for a customer and on taking their postcode I discovered their house name is Tardis.

I told him how cool that was and then he asked his little boy what the Daleks said at their house and this little boy went ‘Exterminate!’

So. Fucking. Adorkable!

As someone from very, very south of the border, I feel like England is the cheating half of a marriage and Scotland had just decided to give us another chance rather than divorce us.

And, sure, it may be because we’re more financially stable together or because they really like our mutual friends etc. but now we kind of have the chance to fix things in our marriage and to give them what they need to make them happier and to make the partnership more equal.

Also, the kids, Wales and Northern Irelend, are also pissed at us and we really need to prove to them that we’ve changed, too!

Okay, I’m actually rather impressed with the training course I’ve been on today.

It’s a two day course on behavioural safety (how we approach safety in our stores and how to change people’s behaviour and attitudes) and I’ve actually gained a lot out of the first day.

Being very introverted I have huge problems with communication and today has given me more advice than any other course I’ve done. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, even though I have to give a small informal presentation!

I don’t know what’s worse…this hotel’s wifi or my mobile broadband speed.

This is not decent tumblr checking conditions.

Me and my mum have made a start on my Anna Coronation Dress cosplay, tonight.

We’ve started on the skirt (planning out the pattern for the box pleats and the embroidery thread colours…so glad my mum has an embroidery machine!) and we now have about 48 pieces to cut out…nope, 49-we need to split the back centre inner pleat for the zip.

Anyway, then we need to plan the bodice and make a start on my sister in law’s Anna costume!

We’ve got until the end of October to get these done on top of full time work. Here we go!

(Also, today, I did some baking and some knitting…I feel like I just stepped back into the 1890s!)

Watching the sitting volleyball final for the Invictus Games.

So fun to watch! And not just because Britain are on match point!

Edit: And by the time this actually posted we won!

Opps…I had a speeding notice today (well, the post came yesterday but I opened it this morning). I know exactly when and where from and I thought I’d slowed down enough for the mobile speed unit, but obviously not.

I have the option of going on that speed awareness course instead of the fine and penalty points so I’ll do that.

It was my own fault, of course…I get too complacent in my drive to work and go at speeds that I feel safe at rather than the actual limit. Even though I thought I’d missed out on a ticket I have been much more careful since the incident. I need to be more respectful of the speed limits, especially since I’m otherwise a really careful and safe driver.

One day I’m going to write a character essay on Natsu Dragneel and it will probably end up several thousand words long and involve sub headings like ‘stop giving me all the feels’ and ‘I wish there were more fanfics that actually got you right’ and ‘you are such a fucking sweetheart’.