I'm a bit of a multifandom and random lifeblogging blog but my main interest right now is Supernatural.

I'm a cautiously optimistic Destiel shipper, where I believe the show is almost certainly heading towards implicit canon and has a high possibility for explicit canon, too. I've enjoyed S9, in as much as you can enjoy a dark season, and expect great things from season 10 as it wraps up the three season arc.

My other interests are far and wide but I've also recently gotten into Teen Wolf where, unlike most of fandom, I NOTP Sterek-so I'm not that involved online. But I do worship Lydia and I ship Stydia because Stiles loves her as much as I do!

I follow other shows and will probably do post-episode blogs for some of them and reblog stuff I like when I see it, but I don't scrounge too much for stuff. Other interests are described in my 'About me' links.

As for me-I'm 31 years old, live in Somerset in the South West of England and I work in the builder's merchants retail sector (no more details there because I keep my internet life and real life very separate). I'm also asexual and aromantic which means I survive on OTPs because I cannot produce the necessary emotions myself! (Joking aside, I'm an absolute shipper and I'm unashamed of that fact).

And that up there is my cat. Who is the most beautiful cat in the world. Lalalala what bias?


Castle 7x01

You fuckers.  Give us answers.  Do not make this a season long thing that will frustrate the hell out of us.

Also, please do not stretch out their reconciliation until we get those answers. To go from their wedding to a slightly tumultuous situation again is too much.

So, I decided to try that first episode of ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ and it was good and the characters were interesting and compelling…

but I get the feeling I’m not going to be able to keep interest in it because I really find it difficult to sympathise with characters who are more on the immoral side of the big grey scale of morality.  And a group of people who will either end up committing or covering up a murder in three months time as well as a shady law firm who defends guilty clients using less than clean approaches seems like something I will find difficult to watch.

Which is a shame, because it really does seem like it could be a compelling show.  And shady practices aside, the professor/lawyer lady was a badass and pretty awesome!  And her students were pretty cool, too. And the show has some great diversity.

But I don’t know…I can’t watch gangster films or con films or heist films, either. And I didn’t even like Only Fools and Horses because I couldn’t sympathise with the Trotters and their business practices. I think I only like White Collar because it explores some of the impacts Neal’s previous cons have had on his victims and paints it as an addiction he’s trying to get over.

I’ll probably try a few more episodes, but we’ll see.

(also, I thought it was going to be about forensics and not law…forensics is so much more interesting to me)

It’s a sign of the shift towards legally available TV streaming that I tried Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and SkyGo for the first four series of The Great British Bake Off before I gave up and found the torrents.

(I did, actually, also look on amazon for DVDs whilst looking at prime and there didn’t appear to be any)

People don’t usually pirate for the sake of getting stuff for free…they do so for convenience and instant gratification. People will pay for a decent subscription package (Netflix UK is nowhere near good enough yet but they are slowly improving) or for a decent rate per season/episode (iTunes is well over priced when you can get a blu ray of a season for the same price or less that also includes extras). Get the price right and either simulcast or make the episodes available to purchase internationally as it airs and people will download/stream TV legally.

He’s not the same, and since Simmons left, he’s only getting worse. Simmons said she thought he’d be better without her here, but her leaving just broke him.

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Agents of Shield 2x01

Well, Agent Carter looks like it could be awesome, judging from the opening section.

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