I'm a bit of a multifandom and random lifeblogging blog but my main interest right now is Supernatural.

I'm a cautiously optimistic Destiel shipper, where I believe the show is almost certainly heading towards implicit canon and has a high possibility for explicit canon, too. I've enjoyed S9, in as much as you can enjoy a dark season, and expect great things from season 10 as it wraps up the three season arc.

My other interests are far and wide but I've also recently gotten into Teen Wolf where, unlike most of fandom, I NOTP Sterek-so I'm not that involved online. But I do worship Lydia and I ship Stydia because Stiles loves her as much as I do!

I follow other shows and will probably do post-episode blogs for some of them and reblog stuff I like when I see it, but I don't scrounge too much for stuff. Other interests are described in my 'About me' links.

As for me-I'm 31 years old, live in Somerset in the South West of England and I work in the builder's merchants retail sector (no more details there because I keep my internet life and real life very separate). I'm also asexual and aromantic which means I survive on OTPs because I cannot produce the necessary emotions myself! (Joking aside, I'm an absolute shipper and I'm unashamed of that fact).

And that up there is my cat. Who is the most beautiful cat in the world. Lalalala what bias?


I see the SPN wank got worse whilst I was off knitting and parking myself in front of the TV to watch the Commonwealth Games.

Lets just say that I don’t really care about the fact that SPN is based around three white guys (and I do mean three, because the people who dismiss Cas’ importance to the show are delusional).  Yes, it’s problematic that MOST TV revolves around white men, but this show was created 10 years ago and it’s a little too late to change the core of the show.  Admittedly, it would have been pretty cool if they’d brought Charlie on as a regular over Crowley but, in the end, I can understand that they are in a corner over having three white male stars.

BUT that doesn’t mean that SPN can’t improve the way it treats women or introduce female supporting guest/recurring characters that a) are not love interests and b) do not get killed to further the story of a male character.

And the worst thing is that they have proven this!  IMO the best episode of last year was 9x19, where recurring character Jody Mills (who was already proving the point) and new character Annie/Alex steal the show, whilst still allowing the season arc for Dean and Sam to progress.  Last season they also had characters like Tracy (a young, attractive hunter who survived her episode without once giving or receiving flirtations with one of the boys), Donna (who even TPTB realise was so cool and adorable that she needs to come back…and was in an episode where a white man got fridged for a WOC which was a two for one special on how things could be different), Hannah (who supported Cas and then pretty much took over the angels when he couldn’t give them the leadership they needed)…

And yet, then they do things like reintroduce female characters from several seasons ago just to kill them off.  Or they introduce a female antagonist, set them up as equal or superior to the male antagonist and then not only ignore them but also kill them off in the most anticlimactic way possible.  Or they introduce women just to sleep with one of the boys. Or…etc.

SPN can’t really change the fact that it’s main storyline revolves around Dean, Sam and Cas.  Nor would most of us want it to.  But there is so much they CAN do when it comes to female characters or POC.  All it would take is a little thought into what their writing/casting decisions mean and how they can change them, ever so slightly, so that they aren’t problematic.


i didn’t expect to feel anything for liam dunbar but then they made him the secretary of the scott mccall fanclub under president stiles stilinski and vice president derek hale and that’s really fucking important to me


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